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Major revenue streams for esports include media rights; tickets and merchandise; sponsorships; direct advertisements; and publisher fees. In revenue-generating streams, sponsorships and advertisements are the major sources of revenue generation that have witnessed burgeoning demand during the last five years. The base year considered for the study is 2017, and the forecast is for the period between 2018 and 2023. Therefore, we expect the market value of eSports to expand to 27,000 million baht this year 2020, which accounts for 71% of mobile and tablet games, 22% of PC games, and 7% of video game consoles. The easy access to a communication technology has enabled fans to track live esports activities across the globe. Media organizations pay huge sums of money for winning the exclusive right to broadcasting the living streaming of top sporting events.

Ltd., Habby, Real Free Soccer, Ammonite Studio, BigPanda Studios, sengpedman, Ambrine Studio, GAMEINDY . Less than 1% of all game publishers on Google Play are from Thailand. Digital Economy Promotion Agency is working to promote the Thai gaming industry as a source of new jobs and economic growth. Garena World 2021 will also see the launch of the inaugural Garena Awards, in collaboration with the Ministry of Sports and Tourism in Thailand, to honour role models in the Thai gaming and esports industries. This will continue Garena’s efforts to elevate and professionalise esports in Thailand and drive forward the nation’s digital economy.

Gamers do not appreciate and see the value in eSports becoming an official sport. I have to admit that ever since it has become an official sport, acceptance of the sport has increased. We want more cooperation between software and game developers and the IOC so that both sides can have the same understanding in order for eSports to be fully accepted as an Olympic sport. eSports involves using software and games for competitions so competitions have to be certified from the beginning. The perspective and way of working in the eSports ecosystem under TESF is different to that of other countries. It involves increasing happiness among the Thai people, popularizing Thailand through sports tourism so that sports can stimulate tourism or have tourism boost sports, and strengthening the youth and seniors to decrease inequality.

Santi Lothong, president of Thai e-Sports Association , said that the eSports athlete is totally different from game addicts. As it is a real sport and not just game playing, it requires not only the discipline of practice, but also sport science and sport strategy. Witsarut Jaroensatthayatham, known as Jay , playing in ADLane position, said that his eSports athletics started a year ago with ROV game. He was a gamer since he childhood and dreamed of becoming a professional eSports athlete.

Often, Logan says, young men have been sent to The Edge by their parents and struggle for weeks to accept new boundaries being set for their lives. It provides a 40-day digital detox that otherwise would be near impossible in the outside world. The program is designed to remove triggers for damaging behaviour and instead encourages genuine human connection and community. It is in a resort surrounded by lush forest that some gaming addicts may now find themselves. Swimming pools, state-of-the-art gym training, catered meals, meditation and wilderness await those who can afford to pay their way to improved health in luxurious surrounds. Dr Yongyud says the lasting impacts of screen technology exposure on young brains are completely unknown.

It covers 1,000 square metres, has plans to expand to 5,000 square metres in future. “The arena can deliver 24-hour space for leagues and tournaments, both mobile and PC competitions, as well as eSports events,” said Jirayod. Under the PVP E-Sports Championship, teams will compete at local qualifiers in each country. The winning teams from each country will move on to battle แทงอีสปอร์ต professional teams from North America, Europe and China at the regional tournament in Singapore in October. Rapidly growing in the country now, eSports has recently experienced the debut of many eSport teams, along with many sponsors. As well, in the past two years, many eSport clubs have started up, and eSport study programmes have been launched at universities.

Ammonite Studio Ammonite Studio is on position 6 of the biggest Thai game publishers. Ammonite Studio is a mobile gaming app developer based in Thailand. Ammonite Studio has created the games Alpaca World HD+, Dream Cat Paradise, The Mask Singer – Tiny Stage, ปริศนาฟ้าแลบ, and more.

Even Cam Adair is a strong advocate for the development of professional e-sports. But with the health of hundreds of thousands of young people in Thailand alone at risk, he hopes changes will be introduced by the industry’s big stakeholders. The Sports Authority of Thailand says it is the federation’s duty to come up with rules and regulations for youth participation in e-sports. At the same time that some experts are calling for a ban on players aged under 18 in sanctioned tournaments, Lorthong admits that 70 per cent of the active gaming community is under 17. He has been labelled a “dinosaur” by netizens over his calls to regulate the industry but rejects notions his department is set on trying to ban video games or their competitions.